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What's new: 

KaysFIT Academy is proud to launch its first ever Ultra Marathon in the Blue Mountains.  The event will host runners across the world for 60k, 30k & 15k distances.  This Ultramarathon is timed perfectly to support the Ultra marathoners participating in the Comrades Marathon 2017 in June.  (more updates) (register now!)
Proud to be a part of BAMA, India's Premium badminton tournament as a partner.  www.badmintonmasters.com is the place to visit and experience something unique.  (more updates) #coachKay

KaysFIT Academy is proud to be associated with Salem Runners group and Coach Kay will be mentoring the Yercaud Hills Ultra Marathon.

Extremely happy to be associated with DART (Dystrophy Annihilation Research Trust) in organizing their Master Muscle Marathon event at the capacity of Event Director.  Successfully executed the Master Muscle Marathon with 600 participants #run4thosewhocant. 

Read my experience of running my first 3 digits Ultramarathon.  The tale of 2 Ultras

Running4Everyone workshop is back in Chennai - this time it will be delivered over #2sundays on 22nd and 29th of October 2017 - follow the link to signup

Read Coach Kay's experience of winning a podium at the 12 hours Stadium Run at the NITROS RUNNING FESTIVAL on 9-Aug-2017 in Chennai

TOI Chennai has to say something about Coach Kay 

Ajay Varma & Balaji Thulasiraman, Ultra-endurance runners from the academy have finished their maiden Comrades Marathon 2017: more here...