Testimonial - Vishal Jain

"I remember the days when I was in the college 
Vishal Jain

I was weighing 95 kgs and was clearly overweight. To regain control, I started going to gyms and followed different crash diets. I desperately searched on the internet for advice and tips. Gradually my weight started to decrease and stopped after ~1 kg. I was tempted to eat when my friends started eating my favorite foods & snacks. I lost my control and used to eat them without limit. This was my routine for 4 years.  I was never able to understand what was going wrong and have been hunting for solutions. I would eat 2-4 plates of Pani puris’ regularly. My college life went on...

During the year 2015 around September, I felt very low when I measured 105 kgs. My God! all my trousers, shirt buttons, were popping out and I looked out of shape. I again determined to lose weight in Dec 2015, but my methods failed. All weight loss equations permutations & combinations were going wrong.

I had no idea what to do. I decided to start regular routines of running. One day my neighbor, who was a regular marathoner, asked me to come to his home to have a chat. I visited him and he agreed to train me for the DRHM event in Chennai (run to raise funds for a cause). At first, I thought nothing was going to happen and this was all waste of time. I had my neighbor 's trust I honestly followed his plan. Some days were incomplete and he never complained about that. I started to lose weight but again not the way I expected it to happen.  

I participated in the DRHM event and realized my life changing moment was waiting for me. My neighbor spoke to me and said "hey bro! my job is over I will now introduce you to a person to take you to the next level" and introduced me to Mr. Kannan Sundararajan (Kay).

At first, I was so afraid how he is going to be and worried about how to train under him. Many questions came to my mind. I called Kay and we had a talk. During my first interaction, I found him to be very cool and friendly.

In the beginning, he gave me a basic plan which included walking, yoga sessions, and very simple exercises.  My initial reaction was that I had done all these during my childhood and my weight will not decrease by such normal exercises.  I was expecting very tough exercises but I was wrong. I followed the plan very sincerely and started seeing changes in my body.  Initially, there was no change in weight but I realized my flexibility and breathing was becoming easier.  Day by day I felt more changes. I started feeling good and started following his words seriously. There is a saying "to climb the path of success you have to face challenges." 

I used to call Kay every week to update my status and told him whenever I over ate at a social gathering and how I felt sorry for that. Instead of getting upset he said, "come on it happens... eat whatever you want to eat, but in small quantities with at most control, don't crave for that food..." He motivated me by saying "it's ok, but now get up before it is too late and start again. There is no problem in trying and failing since we are just humans, not super Gods"

Whenever I felt low I used to text him or call and ask "hey Kay what should I do?? he always gives me perfect guidance. Believe me or not by 4 months my weight dropped (16 kgs) from 94 kgs to 78 kgs. All my clothes have become loose and I am getting fitter and getting back in-shape day by day. All credits go to Kay. He is my life changer who guided me to get better and fitter on every single step.

Today, after many months, I can think about running a half marathon comfortably without any cramps or injury. As far as your health goes if you are in grief wish you get a person like Kannan to come in your life.  This journey is expected to continue.

You can ask me anytime, I'm a living example.

Thank you so much, Kay, I need your guidance throughout my life!"