Testimonial - Gayathri Balaji

Pic: Gayathri Balaji
"I have been training with Kay since December 2016.  Initially I very apprehensive to have a coach to support me since I could not even run one kilometer (I was more of a walking person and never believed I could run for more than few 100 meters).  

Kay is a very systematic person, during my initial phone calls, he got to know my concerns regarding health and fitness.  He gave me an online plan in to fill and update as I completed my workouts.  His constant monitoring and encouragement led me to do my first 10k in February 2016, and in-spite of my irregularities due to family issues, he continued to adjust my plans to easy doable ones.  After several 10 kms walk / run routines, I am now ready to do my first half marathon and am confident will finish it strong. 

From being a person who doesn't like running that much I can proudly say now I am a runner. Fast or slow doesn't matter but "Nangallum runners than" ("even I'm a runner" in Tamil).

Weight reduction was the main goal to start my training with him, but the regular routine of exercises helped me to shed few kilos.  I started enjoying running (try to never miss workouts), have become more positive, healthier and cheerful person and all the credits go to him.  He is now also a good friend, mentor and one in my family.  His perspectives have bought so many changes in my family’s' lifestyle in terms of fitness, health and most importantly food habits.  Most importantly we are more aware of giving back to the society through his SahayaLRTS and safety initiatives, my younger son never fails to remind me to wear seat-belt and that is his success to deliver

In short Kay is like my favorite teacher in school one whom u always try to please and score the highest of all subjects

I am proud to be his student"