Comrades Marathon Training

Vic Clapman founded Comrades Marathon in 1921 – he felt that if infantrymen, drafted into the armed forces from sedentary jobs, could endure forced marches over great distances, trained athletes could cover the distance between the two cities without great difficulty…more here.
Are you ready to attempt a 90 km Ultra Marathon, that is both physically and mentally challenging?
Are you prepared to be at the start line, shoulder to shoulder with 18000 other runners to understand what a truly humbling experience the world's oldest-and-largest Ultra Marathon can provide?
Are you dreaming about finishing the Comrades marathon, also termed as the Ultimate Human Race in South Africa? 
As it is rightly said this race will certainly humble you.  Read the story of Coach Kay's preparation for 2015 up run after a failed 2014 down run, and how he had completed both 2015 up and 2016 down races back to back.
Over 18000+ runners across the world participate in this annual event and it is like a pilgrimage worth run by every single ultramarathoner.  Comrades Marathon is termed as the "Ultimate Human Race" and some call it as "the Race of its life" - true to these words, the experience is best understood only by attempting the race. Whether one finishes the race or not, the experience is obtained through the journey starting from the day one, from registering for the event, going through the rigorous training routines, flying to South Africa, being at the Comrades Expo, at the start line of the race, running the highly demanding 90 kilometers with focus and courage, to finally reaching the finish line, exhausted and victorious, contented and proud.
Coach Kay offers an exciting journey for you to make with a tailor-made training program to help you realize your dream of running the Comrades marathon with all the flavors of the Running Coaching that he offers
In addition, you get,
  • to learn the history and interesting facts about the race
  • travel checklist and tips, arrangements for accommodation in Durban, Airport pickup and drop, road recce.
  • home away with a homely experience with the best South African hospitality
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