Today, 1-Dec-2018 is a very special day. KAYSFIT ACADEMY is turning 2 & also I'm stepping into my third year as an entrepreneur in my health industry & sports business. I'm very thankful and I have no regrets.

I thank,

- my 75+ clients and the runners in all my events, for believing me and for being a source of inspiration and shaping me as a better coach & a better person
- the children and the young adults, who make me feel young every single day & their parents for having faith in their children's active lifestyle
- all my friends & well wishers
- all my business partners & sponsors for having trusted in me and my abilities
- my loving wife Meera for being a critic and tolerating my "fitness & business" talks for 24 hrs a day & for boosting my spirits all the time
- my two lovely children Aditya & Anjali for bringing a lot of excitement, energy, and purpose to my life


- my shadow, who is also my buddy, who keeps me energized to stay fitter & healthier, motivates me to deliver good work, cheers me on the dullest moment and keeps me charged all the time

As I step into my third year, I continue to pledge to bring my passion and love for everything that I do to deliver the best of the services

Cheers #coachkay
Your ultramarathon coach,
Founder KaysFITAcademy
Founder & Race Director, Ootyultra