VVO 2018 Entry list

Dear Runners,

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The VVO 2018 Ultramarathon will be supported by a bare minimum number of volunteers and we would like to provide you a safe as well as an enjoyable experience.   The course will be open from 4 am (for the Ultra) to 11 am (7 hrs).

This event is owned/organized by Krishnakumar Rangachari, Chennai

Qualification criteria

"There will be two categories, 26k & 52k and to run the 52k you must qualify by providing your recently (within the last 4 months) completed Sub 5:55, full marathon (or any Ultra distances) or for 26k a sub 3 hrs half marathon details."

Write to coachkay@kfita.in with your qualification details on or before 3rd SEP before 4.00 pm and also send your supporting race timing (marathon or Ultra) or your Garmin/Strava data, failing which your entry will be NOT ACCEPTED.

26k confirmed runners
SlnoFirst NameLast NameCategoryQualification?
1AmodAhire26kEntry confirmed
2AnandNott26kEntry confirmed
3AnandhaPadmanabhan.R26kEntry confirmed
4AnupamaSrini26kEntry confirmed
5BhavaSwaroop26kEntry confirmed
6DanielJay Shankar26kEntry confirmed
7DhvinayPV26kEntry confirmed
8GanesanDevarajan26kEntry confirmed
9Gayathry Lakshmanan 26kEntry confirmed
10GiridharVijayaraghavan26kEntry confirmed
11JanakiVenkat26kEntry confirmed
12KamalanathanVishwanath 26kEntry confirmed
13LogidhasRajasekaran26kEntry confirmed
14MaheshbabuMadisetty26kEntry confirmed
15MalaVijayakumar26kEntry confirmed
16MuraliKannan26kEntry confirmed
17PalaniappanAnnamalai26kEntry confirmed
18PalaniappanAmpa26kEntry confirmed
19PARTHASARATHYSP26kEntry confirmed (52k to 26k)
20PitchaimaniRamasamy26kEntry confirmed (52k to 26k)
21PraneshA R26kEntry confirmed
22R.AshaRajini26kEntry confirmed
23RAJANS26kEntry confirmed
24RajaramVenkatesan26kEntry confirmed
25RajeevPrasad26kEntry confirmed
26RajehsR26kEntry confirmed
27RajendranSelvarajan26kEntry confirmed
28RajeshKumar26kEntry confirmed
29RakeshKandula26kEntry confirmed
30SandeepS26kEntry confirmed
31SanthoshSampath26kEntry confirmed
32SaravananNanjappan26kEntry confirmed
33SathyaNarayanan26kEntry confirmed
34SriB26kEntry confirmed
36SriramthilakJawahar26kEntry confirmed
37SugandhSathiamoorthi26kEntry confirmed
38SujathaRajesh26kEntry confirmed
39SureshRamasamy26kEntry confirmed
40T Gopi ANTONY26kEntry confirmed
41VENKATARAGHAVANVenkat26kEntry confirmed
42VenkateshkumarRamasamy26kEntry confirmed
43VenkatramananR26kEntry confirmed
44VijayashreeRaghavan26kEntry confirmed
45VIPIN V26kEntry confirmed
52k Ultra confirmed runners
1Aakriti SanjeevVerma52k UltraEntry confirmed
2ArunandhiChelvan52k UltraEntry confirmed
3Ashish Tiwari 52k UltraEntry confirmed
4AshwiniG52k UltraEntry confirmed
5BalajiTT52k UltraEntry confirmed
6BalamuraliP52k UltraEntry confirmed
7BalasubramanianNTR52k UltraEntry confirmed
8BrijeshGajera52k UltraEntry confirmed
9ColonelRaj52k UltraEntry confirmed
10DeepaBhat52k UltraEntry confirmed
11DilipKumar52k UltraEntry confirmed
12DineshJothimani52k UltraEntry confirmed
13DouglasLobo52k UltraEntry confirmed
14GaurawPant52k UltraEntry confirmed
15GovindarajanKrishnan52k UltraEntry confirmed
16JayakaraNalthooru52k UltraEntry confirmed
17KhushalGore52k UltraEntry confirmed
18Naveen kumarRamasami52k UltraEntry confirmed
19NILANJANBOSE52k UltraEntry confirmed
20Praveen Kumar52k UltraEntry confirmed
21RajeevSharma52k UltraEntry confirmed
22Rajkumar N52k UltraEntry confirmed
23SampathKumarSubramanian52k UltraEntry confirmed
24SatyashilPradhan52k UltraEntry confirmed
25Senthil ArasuVG52k UltraEntry confirmed
26ShwetaChahar52k UltraEntry confirmed
27SureshS52k UltraEntry confirmed
28TamilselvanBalraj52k UltraEntry confirmed
29VASANTHR52k UltraEntry confirmed
30VenkatesanKrishnaswami52k UltraEntry confirmed
31VijayakumarSelvam52k UltraEntry confirmed
32VikramRaman52k UltraEntry confirmed
33VINODHAGANAPATHY52k UltraEntry confirmed
34VishveshPatel52k UltraEntry confirmed
35ViswanathanR52k UltraEntry confirmed
No Qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
1Ganesh KumarSrinivasan26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
2IndraPonnuswamy26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
3JenishS26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
4LakshmananGanapathy26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
5MadhuMuthu26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
6NandiniP S26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
7NiranjanRajasekaran26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
8PrashanthReddy26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
9Satyanarayana MurthyRavula26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
10ThillairajanThangaraj26kNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
11AkshaykumarMattur52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
12Criespin NoaelJayaseelan52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
13Ebhanjackison52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
14NaveedMulki52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
15NishanthMurugan52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
16ShanmugamKaruppusamy52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
17ShyamSundar52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
18SubramanianM52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
19SudarsanM K52k UltraNo qualification data - ENTRY NOT ACCEPTED
1DilleeswaraBabu26kNOT COMING
2PriyavadhaniRamalingam26kNOT COMING
3ShivakumarRajeswaran26kNOT COMING
5AravindhJo26kNOT COMING