Running & Fitness workshop FAQ

Where can I register for this event?

Is this the correct session for me to attend?
  • You are very new to running and discovered that the idea of running excites you 
  • You are already a runner and currently looking for ways to improve your speed, efficiency, distance etc.
  • You are currently training for a marathon event and do not know how to approach to plan 
  • You feel helpless sometimes in deciding the correct nutrition to stay healthy and to support your running ambitions
  • You are prone to injuries and want to learn how to avoid training related issues 
  • You have been running and really do not know how to correctly balance your running related training, strength workouts and other mind-body related activities 
  • You are triathlete or a Trekker and looking to improve your overall fitness 
If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this program is certainly for you. The practical workshop is designed to help runners and other athletes to benefit. It’s not about how fast you can run or how fit you are today, you will learn how to move better (in an efficient manner) and run/train to discover your own potential.

I have an adolescent son/daughter, can he/she attend this course?

This session will have some technical contents and certainly suitable for any adolescent who is very much interested in running.  There are several health benefits associated with exercise and running for young adults.  The key benefits include weight control, stronger bones and muscles, sharper mind and improved overall physical appearances.

What are the key takeaways from this course?

The course is designed to help you with the theory and science behind running, running functional anatomy, long-term benefits associated with running, how to train injury free (with a focus on strength, power, balance, and flexibility), how to deal with injuries, mechanisms behind speed and running efficiency, correct techniques to follow while running, quantity vs. quality of training, how to prepare for an event etc.,

You will also receive a personalized feedback about your present running form, improvement recommendations, physical strengths and limitations that you must be aware of.

Apart from the technical topics, a lot of running specific, motivational, mind-body association and marathon specific experiences will be shared by the experts.

What kind of workshop will this be?

The workshop contains a combination of presentations, video, and practical sessions

What should I wear for the workshop?

Comfortable running shorts + T-shirt + a pair of running shoes.

I’m not sure if I’m fit enough to participate since I’m very new to running

During the workshop, you will be running and exercising about 45 mins - no need to worry about your current fitness levels.

What are the payment terms and cancellation policy?

Payment must be done 100% in advance

Fees once paid can be transferred to another person or to other programs that KaysFIT Academy offers.  No refund will be provided

Can this session be conducted in my city?

Yes, Please connect with the organizer to learn more.

Can such a session be conducted inside my organization or within my community?

Yes, Please connect with the organizer to learn more.